Below you can find ASERS complete Returns Policy.

1. Returns Policy for ASERS Books
2. Returns Policy for ASERS eBooks, eJournals, eIssues, eChapters, ePapers

1. Returns Policy for ASERS Books

All returns to ASERS Ltd should fall within the following criteria. If Books are returned without prior authorization and outside of policy terms a credit note will not be raised and the books may be disposed of.

Before making any return a request for authorization to return should be made to your sales representative (or via our customer services team). To be considered for approval your intended return must meet the requirements listed below. If approval is granted a copy of the authorization must be included in each carton.

All cartons containing returns for ASERS must have following information clearly and legibly completed: ASERS's eStore; Account number; Address; Postcode; Contact name; Contact phone number; Box number. Cartons without these details will be rejected by ASERS and remain with the carrier.

Standard and Overstock Returns

In addition to prior authorization to return the following conditions apply to returns:
No books will be credited within three (3) months or beyond fifteen (15) months of original invoice date with the exception of imperfect copies.
Books will only be credited if in a re-saleable condition and with non-ASERS price markings or stickers removed.
You need to include in all cartons ASERS's authorization to return with a listing headed with the customers name, address, account number and detailing: Original invoice number, ISBN; Title; Quantity and Reason for return.
Books declared Out-of-Print (OP) will be accepted within four (4) months of notification of Out-of-Print status by ASERS Publishing House. We will accept the copyright page and front and back covers and spine for Out-of-Print returns. Titles made OP may be accepted for return even if invoiced more than 15 months previously, subject to the within 4 months notification rule and sales approval.

Policy for claims relating to delivery of order (Imperfect, Damaged, short delivery or incorrect items):
All claims for damages, short delivery or incorrect items must be notified to ASERS Customer Services within 30 days of receipt of the damaged consignment.
Please contact Customer Services at prior to the return of imperfect goods or goods received damaged from ASERS Publishing Group. Relevant documentation can then be forwarded to you to facilitate credit and shipping arrangements of such items.

Copies received in an imperfect condition, e.g. pages missing, printing errors, etc. may be returned to ASERS regardless of date of original invoice for exchange. Credit may be applied at publisher's discretion.

ASERS will contact you with regard to any titles that are required to be recalled and will inform you of shipping arrangements for such titles.

General Issues

All books returned must have been originally invoiced by ASERS Publishing Group.
Single cartons must weigh no more than 20kg. Any cartons above this weight will remain with the carrier.
Returns should be made in cartons of a sufficient standard with packing material to ensure good condition of books while in transit. Cartons with obvious signs of damage will be rejected by ASERS Ltd and remain with the carrier.
Title page or any other part-item returns will not be accepted for credit under any circumstances except those listed above or without the prior approval of a recognized ASERS Ltd. signatory.
Books supplied on a firm sale basis are not available for credit.
Non-book items may be returned for credit if all above criteria are met and if original packaging and security seal (if fitted) remain intact.
Items supplied as part of a pack cannot be returned for individual credit.
ASERS Ltd will not pay for returns shipments with the exception of imperfect product returned as outlined above. For standard & overstock returns all costs of delivery up to delivery to the ASERS Ltd warehouse, i.e. terms of Delivered Duty Paid (DDP= risk, customs clearance, port handling, tax, duty and final delivery to our warehouse) are at the customer's expense.
The quantity and condition of books is as found when the books are un-packed at our warehouse. Any differences between the customers returns advice and what is found on un-packing at the warehouse is at the customers risk, and will not be credited. Risk (for damage and total or partial loss) is with the customer until delivery to our warehouse.

Returns Processing Arrangements

Return consignments should be sent to:

Returns department
ASERS Publishing Group SRL 35064740
No. 5, Sabba Stefanescu Street
200145, Craiova, Dolj

2. eBooks, eJournals, eIssues, eChapters, ePapers
All downloadable eBooks, eJournals, eIssues, eChapters, ePapers products are non-refundable. Once the customer has submitted their order, eBooks are unable to be returned or removed from a customer account.
If you have any further questions, please Contact Us at

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